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Since its foundation KEMILY has been developing formulations for many prestigious companies. The company is supported by a highly qualified and diverse team. The experience gained over more than 15 years is invaluable to our clients.
Development of cosmetics has come a long way in recent years. Yet the greatest change has been seen during the last ten years. Now there are plenty of new and exciting raw materials from around the world that reflect the modern consumer's requirements for absolute efficiency. We do not only invest in the future of products of our clients but also in keeping them calm and secure.
Successful development can only be accomplished with extensive research and full understanding of the actual needs of clients, consumers and the environment.
The philosophy of KEMILY's team is to guarantee every formula and provide a highly specialized and personalized service to every client.
The most demanding aspect of today's cosmetic development is the desire for efficient natural products. During the last years we have invested much time and many efforts in an attempt to develop more and more natural products.

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