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Since its foundation KEMILY has been investing in new highly efficient extraction technologies. Ultrasonic extraction significantly improves the existing conventional Soxhlet extraction and is a reliable method of producing extracts from various plant raw materials. A highly powerful ultrasound increases the mass transfer between the raw material and the solvent by pushing the solvent into the cell structure and washing at a rate of approximately 20,000 times per second (at 20 kHz). Sonication has proved to be a very soft and very efficient method – creation of higher yields and higher quality extracts for a shorter processing time!
Ultrasonic extraction provides opportunities to create new green formulations with a high concentration of active ingredients. The company has an experienced and highly qualified team which is invaluable for our clients. We do not only invest in the future of products of our clients but also in keeping them calm. Successful development can only be accomplished by introducing new green highly efficient technologies and full understanding of the actual needs of clients, consumers and the environment. In a rapidly changing market every development should be new and completely unique, and give promise.
The philosophy of KEMILY EOOD's team is to provide a highly specialized and personalized service to every client by also providing the opportunity of delivery of natural oils, butters, antioxidants, dermatologically active substances and preservatives for cosmetics and personal hygiene.
The most demanding aspect of today's cosmetic development is the desire for efficient natural products. During the last years we have invested much time and many efforts in an attempt to develop more and more natural products.

KEMILY EOOD believes it is immoral to use animals for testing - the only real test for cosmetic products is on the human body. Thus, every test is in groups of volunteers. No natural extract has ever been tested on animals. The raw materials and supplies come only from those suppliers which share the same ethics policy.

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