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Production of herbal extracts is based on а highly efficient green technology with ultrasonic Soxhlet extractors.
Ultrasonic extraction is a non-thermal technique of releasing bioactive compounds such as vitamins, polyphenols, polysaccharides and other phytochemicals from plant products as complete extraction in a very short time is achieved and the active ingredients thus extracted are protected from degradation.
The main advantages of ultrasonic extraction are the fast process and the high result. Low power consumption. Reduced processing costs. Non-thermal technology. Higher purity, green technology, acoustic cavitation and its effects. The ultrasonic waves create intense alternating high pressure/low pressure cycles in the liquid.
The extracts produced are safe and get included into the formulations of a wide range of cosmetic products without any problem: shampoos, conditioners, lotions, facial and body creams, toothpastes, etc. They are easily soluble in water and ethanol, stable and compatible with usual cosmetic raw materials.

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